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Leisure activities and excursions in Normandy

 From ports to beaches, gardens to museums, abbeys to castles, every single road in Normandy invites you to strolls full of discoveries ...

 - Rouen : (15 minutes)


 This great Norman capital is separated by the river Seine, in two parts : "Rouen Rive Droite" constituting the historical heart of the city with Notre-Dame cathedral, the Courthouse, Place du Vieux-Marché and very beautiful pedestrian ways (rue du Gros Horloge, rue Jeanne d’Arc). On "Rouen Rive Gauche" you will find Saint Clement Church and the Jardin des Plantes (Botanical garden).


 Rouen was known as the « City of Hundred Steeples » by Victor Hugo. Rouen is ranked in the top six cities in number of historical monuments and the seniority of its heritage.


 It is also the third largest city in France by the quality and number of antique shops. Located between the Saint Ouen abbey and Saint Maclou Church, an entire neighborhood gathers wood-framed houses, art galleries and antique shops.

 Many sites to visit :


 - Notre Dame Cathedral, with a gothic architecture, particularly inspired Claude Monet. It has a cast iron arrow that peaks at 151 meters high (the highest in France).

 In July, August and September :
 The front of this imposing Gothic building turns into a giant theater of light. The famous series of Claude Monet’s cathedrals masterpiece are cast on the church front.
 A wonder to behold !


 - The Gros Horloge, an astronomical clock located in a pavilion spanning the rue du Gros Horloge. Symbol of the power of Rouen, the Gros Horloge is a must for Rouen and tourists. It is open to the public for tours.


 - Place du Vieux-Marche was the scene of the execution of Joan of Arc, burned alive on May 30 1431. This square is now surrounded by a group of wood-framed houses. You can see the Joan of Arc Cross, a high large cross near the site of the pyre. The Joan of Arc church was erected on the same site of the martyrdom.


 - The Saint Maclou church is a jewel of Gothic art.


 - The Aître St. Maclou, is an ancient ossuary surrounding a courtyard square.


 - Out of paved streets in the city, it is also nice to walk, cycle or skate on the docks along the river Seine. You can cover this 5 kms path going under the six bridges over the river Seine with the very recent Flaubert Bridge (drawbridge).


 - Norman Abbey Trail of the Seine Valley : (30 minutes)

 Saint-Georges de Boscherville in St. Martin de Boscherville, St. Peter Jumièges, Saint-Wandrille Fontenelle in Saint-Wandrille-Rançon and to the Abbey of the Holy Trinity in Fécamp

 - www.abbayes-normandes.com

 - La route des fruits : (30 minutes)

 Throughout the year, you can drive through Jumièges fruit loop.
 Fruit picking begins in late spring and ends in autumn : Cherries from early June to late July, plums and red berries from July to September and apples and pears in the fall. Local producers and many individuals exploit fruit trees. Throughout the harvest period, along the route of fruit, farmers sell their production "at the gate" at very attractive prices.

 - www.pnr-seine-normande.com

 - On the paths of Impressionism : (30-45 minutes)

 Follow the footsteps of the Impressionists and discover why the beauty of the cliffs inspired them so often. During your holidays stroll through the largest and most majestic of impressionist art gallery : the Albatre Coast.

 From Dieppe cliffs to the Estuary of the river Seine, The Impressionists Route leads you through reading tables that have been set up on sites where painters posed their easels. Let’s walk around Dieppe and Pourville-sur-Mer in the footsteps of Pissarro or Boudin along the route "La Villégiature".

 Continue this wonderful trail along the coast and visit the waterfronts of Fécamp and Yport.

 Finally, soak up the atmosphere of Etretat, station that inspired Claude Monet through its legendary cliffs.

 Clères, Forges les Eaux, La Bouille, Duclair, Caudebec-en-Caux, or Villequier also offer beautiful scenery. You can also spend a day of fun with your children at the amusement park located in Le Bocasse, Clères (10 minutes).

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